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Timber King design/build services eliminate your responsibility for coordinating activities between the designer and the builder—our single contract covers architecture, engineering and construction services

Combining the function of an architect, engineer, and construction manager into a single entity, Timber King’s design/build services provide an integrated approach that is focused on the specific needs of your project. Design/build has traditionally promised operational advantages to clients through a simplified contract with a single entity and the ability to fast-track work based on the close, contractual relationship between the designer and the builder. But the problems inherent in this approach relate to the design/build contractor’s natural skillset; they’re either primarily a design firm, or they’re a builder – but they’re not strong in both areas.

At Timber King, our many years as a construction manager form a strong foundation for our design/build services. We draw upon our experience with the industry’s leading design firms to create an integrated design/build team customized to the needs and goals of your project. Timber King provides team leadership and a single-point of responsibility. We assign a team comprised of experts in the type of facility you’re building, and we place a senior-level Timber King executive in an active role to manage the overall effort.

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Looking for the best partner for your next construction works?

Looking for best partner for your next construction works?